August 23, 2012

These Are The Few Of My Favorite Thrifts

Blue Red Green and Taupe, denise katipunera, Pinay fashion blogger, mommy fashion, fashion on a budget

this vintage dress. I love how we fit for each other.
Denise Katipunera, Style Blog, Diagonal Stripe Dress, Rainy Day Dressing 

I distinctly remember hugging this dress when i saw it. Still with a price tag of 89.9$. 

denise katipunera, mommy style, thrift style, thrift floral dress, color block boots

come on girl, do i have to explain???

Gramma Dress

another vintage dress I picked up from the floor dropped by some noisy teenager. So i asked her if she's getting the dress and she looked at me like, "you go get em gramma". So binili ito ng lola mo.

star print dress, denise katipunera, pinay fashion blogger, fashion on a budget, mommy style, thrift finds, ukay ukay dress,

 It's a black dress with thousands of silver stars. A perfect funeral dress.

Thrifted Short Sleeve Coat, denise katipunera, pinay filipina fashion blogger, mommy style, style on a budget, colorful bold knit stripe, nude booties

oversize? check! stripes? check! knit? check!

Knit Dress

i was almost 7 months pregnant and this knit dress help me through a lot. Also, the last day I was bloat free.


I call this one my slouchy dress. Which pretty much sums me up. 

fave shoe

RIP boots. You will always be in my heart. 


everybody needs a bag with a face. And mine is sporting a nice rich tan. 


this is heavy. Pre Yllac, this bag and me were once bffs. We're rekindling our friendship now.

I am downsizing my closet, or at least I've been trying for months now. As I was trimming down everything I can't help but notice that most of the "survivors" were sourced from my thrifting. And here are some of them. I got them all very cheap and most still with a price tag on. Kachiiing! I usually got them for less than 200 pesos except for the bags which I purchased for 250-300php. And these bags are genuine leather. And oh, that boots. It breaks my heart knowing how irreplaceable that one is. Everybody needs a comfy and good, in my case - a good stylish cowboy studded boots. But she passed a couple of months ago. Bum! And she's never coming back. But she's one hall of famer.

How about you? What are your favorite thrifts?


Aimee Diego said...

you have an awesome taste in clothes! so love your style girl!

sittie rainie limba said...

and my favorite is your black dress with thousands of silver stars... as in!

carolekaye said...

Where do you go thrifting?:)

Meganne said...

Love the mix of pearls and stipes !
Material Fixations

Candycane said...

Wow some beautiful dresses there Denise :D

Great finds xXx


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