August 8, 2012

I Hope You Are Safe Right Now

How fun is this?H2O
#itsmorefuninthephilippinesSo not cool. #walangtigilangulan #atnasaankaAraw we're okay though. Safe, dry and super bored.

front of our home

Got to admit I am tired feeling scared of seeing the water go up and down and come back again to this height. I wish the rain would just stop, so everyone can feel safe again. My neighbor who's been living here for almost 20 years said that we're safe and there's nothing to worry about this water. Am glad it never reached our home, so I guess we're a little lucky. In times like these it makes me think of babies and how unfortunate some of us are and how helpless one can feel. It's a sad sad situation. Jayson is now home with us. Thank God. He went to work last Monday before the helluva rain poured in, and left me and Yllac at home. Oh! It was horrible. But my little boy was a trooper. He's so brave and cool despite the frightening thunderstorms for the last two days. I am not exactly sure what kept me all together when my mind keeps on imagining the worst that could happen. But Yllac's favorite song, Tomorrow, that we sang a hundred of times and he would clap his hands in between phrases, made a good distraction from all my fears. Plus it's a feel good song right?? The sun will come out tomorrow, yeah right! Sleeping was difficult, I can only think of families that already lost the comfort of their own homes. So I guess as long as we're home, we got everything together, we are good. There's nothing more I need. And Jayson is finally here. I can rest my worries. We just gave each other the longest and lung-crushing hug today. And I am so happy he's safe, although he looked tired and lost a couple of pounds and grown some sexy two day old stubble, and that look he gave me - the look of a man who came from war. Well, he is my hero. I know he's done some good while he's at work and making the right decisions concerning the safety of people affected by flood. I am so proud of him. And from that look, I can only assume that he loves me and misses us. Oh boy I missed him. After seeing him come home to us, I know I just can't ask for anything more.

Keep safe everyone. And please, we can always HELP.  

am a bit glad that Koffy isn't here with us to go through another rainy season. It was always hard on him. He really is in a much better place now. No flood, no rain, no reason to hold his potty for a day or two. But still I miss him so.

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fashioneggpplant said...

its been really scary the past 3 days, glad to see the sun finally up, we almost got stuck in the flood/traffic along p tuazon yesterday. good thing we decided to turn back in the last minute! happy to see you guys are together, intact and safe :)


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