August 13, 2012

50 Shades Of Stripes

50 Shades of Stripes
50 Shades of Stripes
50 Shades of Stripes
50 Shades of Stripes

Everyone, say hello to my friz. 

So yeah, sometimes I like the way I title my posts and it has absolutely nothing to do with the content. Anyway lets talk about the hair, shall we?

I hate my hair. Always. 

All my life my hair cycle goes like this : I see it. I like it. I cut it. I hate it. Always. Right now I am on the I-see-it phase. But I know after the cut I am gonna hate it. So nowadays, my hair  dropped to my priority lists. But I know, I know, I need to invest in a good hair iron and indulge in a good quick blow dry once in a while. Aside from being a mom I am a full pledged head to toe girl too. But my hair problem is only a sign of another deeper problem. I can blame this hair anxiety over my nails. Yes! My nails that has been bare for last couple of months and I am a girl for squealing out loud. Maybe if my nails were pretty all my hair problems will go away too? Am not sure, but in times like this, there was only one thing a girl could do.

Eat chocolate. 

Which is probably why my hair is complicated. 

If you reached this point and still reading and still figuring out this blog post, Thank you my friend. You've been good to me. And yeah, happy Monday to you too.

top: Refill
skirt and bag: thrift
H&M flats: gift. Thank you Sally.


AVA T.♥ said...

I have a lot of hate my hair time haha :)) that's why its always tied up. Rarely do i keep it down anymore. :) But yours looks fab, momma! promise! Yllac is so big na!!

Candycane said...

Hehe I just saw this post - you do make me smile :D

And I love the clashing stripes- so bright and pretty x


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