January 30, 2013

Lazy January


I am not gonna lie, I haven't made any effort to dress girly this year. Or even think about clothes. Well, at least for this month only. Please, until this month only. Seriously, January feels like the biggest and longest Monday of my life, like waking up to a Monday e v e r y d a y. Also, a very confusing time for me, fashion wise. Crazy-lazy-January I am having. But gotta admit I love my lazy January. I may be a lazy dresser but I still love my colors. And are we paying attention to this sunset? wow for this sunset! WOW! Thank you sunset, because you make everything look interesting.

top: from Eden
diy ripped shorts
diy bobby pin necklace
"James" flats: Shoe Etiquette
purse: target


Aimee Diego said...

I'm all for lazy dressing! By the way, I am loving your neck piece.

fashioneggpplant said...

its so weird but i feel EXACTLY the same way, hence the obvious scarcity of ootds on my blog lately. haaay...

Fashion Style Guide said...

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