January 16, 2013

Thrift Confessions #1

thrift 29php books

Hi Everyone!

This year I am going to do a little fun project here on the blog called Thrift Confessions. The point of this project for me to keep track on how i spend my thrift money wisely, and for me to be honest and more conscious of all my purchases whether it's from sale, a discount,  second-hand items or from thrift stores and I am gonna document them all on the blog. Because at this point in my life, I cannot afford to buy stupid stuff anymore. I have to think twice or trice or a hundred times before any purchase especially on things with a cheap price tag. Now, my main problem with cheap items is that they don't let me think at all before the purchase. Cheap brings out the dumb in me. Like, duh! And then I go home to a lot of cheap stuff I don't really need. And we all know that if we do the math, cheap stuff + cheap stuff + 50 more cheap stuff is a lot of money. A lot! I know, the joke is on me. Thank God, I am now beginning to understand that less is more. 
In order for the purchase to be labeled as not-stupid-stuff, it should be something i really need, something I will really wear, and something I will really read.

So last week, we dropped by our favorite discount/second-hand book store. Early this month they even lowered their price to 29 pesos for these books. Some are even lower, like 10 pesos for the Harlequin/Silhouette Desire. (calling all 50 Shades freaks...) But there are more interesting books on the 29php. (duh) I was close to getting 20 books last week but since I am a new person now, (duh) with more consciousness and all ( cccc",) ) I painfully narrowed my picks to only 6 books that I will finish this month. And here's why...

How To Raise A Brighter Child 29php

How To Raise A Brighter Child by Joan Beck. - I saw the newest hardbound edition of this from Fully Booked last December for a price of 1000 pesos if i remember it correct. I mean, I NEED this! I am a parent and I need a manual for parenting and as a teacher to Yllac who knows a little, I need this. I am in a few chapters and parents, we need this. I highly recommend this book. So for 29php, watch out world, I am gonna be the mom of the smartest kid in the world.

The Early Childhood Years book by Theresa 
and Frank Caplan 29php

The Early Childhood Years (29php) - I need to know exactly what's gonna happen and when it is supposed to happen, because as a former toddler I wish i remember why I do certain toddler things that sure once to boggle my parents concern.

29php Tony Hillerman Talking God

Talking God (29php) - I love any good suspense book that involves terrorist attack and God and bomb and DC and Indian artifacts, man it must be good. I am sure this is no 50 Shades of...., you know what I mean right?

Runaway Father by Richard Rashke for 29php

Runaway Father (29php) - I was just curious how could someone leave their family and just disappear. Wow, Pat Bennett is a brave mother.

Two For The Dough by Janet Evanovich 29php

Tow For The Dough (29php) - I haven't read any Janet Evanovich books. but i hear she's a fun writer. Am all for fun, so I need this. Will tell you if it's real fun and good.

If Only He Knew by Gary Smalley 29php

If Only He Knew (29php) - now at first this is a joke for Jayson, but I got curious. I wanna know too what are the things I cannot resist. And i quote "A how-to book for men that seeks to clarify distinctions between the sexes with a view toward building a stronger marital relationship with this understanding." Ha! Ha! Your man needs this. 

174 pesos for 6 great, awesome, thrift books. Now that is thrifting! 
The end.

Have a great day everyone!

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Sweet said...

WOW!!! great deals denise... I don't know if I can find something below 50 pesos in Cebu but I will ask Eden and the rest of the gang when they will go thrift shopping...



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