January 24, 2013

Full Skirt


I got this skirt from BU4, from Gizelle, and this salmon blouse from Aisa. It was a perfect pairing. Very comfy. 

I am not much of a skirt wearer  (maxi only) but lately since becoming acquainted with pants, I have come to see that skirts are a great investment piece too. And lately I am more inclined to favor that skirts and pants are more versatile than a one piece dress. They can create a whole other look. That being said, the feminine full skirt is a must have item for every girls closet for its versatility. It is classic, it is perfect for every season. To create a quick, no-brainer outfit, it looks great paired up with a plain tee and flats or sandals.  Though it is more known as daywear but you can create a spin on your outfit for a night out by pairing it up with some blouse and a sparkly or chunky heels. And for summer, you can give your full skirt a fresh look by wearing it with a light pastel t-shirt, tan sandals and a satchel.


And here's me taking a photo of my foot wearing my zara slingback heels my mom bought for me, and here is another photo of me, taking photo of my Dad making sure the straps are properly secure. I love my parents.


So take a closer look at my heels. It has black spikes covering the shoes and the thin straps around the ankles - which isn't seen in this picture, is a safe size of strap for my short legs. The thicker calves and shorter legs you have the thinner the strap should be. That way it won't cut off the length of your legs. So if you have chicken legs, bless you! You can wear the thickest ankle strap heels, it won't even eat your height.  

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