January 23, 2013

Last Weekend...(little thoughts here and there)

last weekend
last weekend
last weekend
last weekend
last weekend
last weekend

Last weekend, I realized that we Filipinos can't let go of Christmas that quick. I mean, look at this big cone Christmas tree!!!

Last weekend, i realized just how old we are as a parent to a two year old baby boy. I mean, those slide ladder is difficult to climb. And I am afraid of heights. Wish I was 24 when i became a mother. But then, I was still a baby when i was 24 up until my 30. 

Last weekend, Yllac and Jayson found some glorious goo and spit and booger or whateveryoucallit all over that playground. Gee, I am telling you, kids are  walking, cute, bacterias.

also last weekend I think I lost my appetite for accessories. I just poked at them and that's it. I am growing up. 

Last weekend was cold. Have I told you that?

Last weekend.... I kinda drank a big bottle of Royal Tru- Orange. And it's not even a real orange.

Last weekend I let Yllac sip (and when I say sip, I meant sip everything from his sippy cup) this Royal tru-orange and he got a bad tonsils for it.

Last weekend I badly wanted a snow. I haven't seen one, haven't touched one. I want a snow. A 3rd-world girl can dream.

Last weekend was good for me. It gave me peace and confidence i really need. Seeing people I've known all my life was therapeutic. These last few weeks was hazy and blurry but lately it's all coming clear finally.

Last weekend we ate taco chips and salsa in bed. We're covered in crumbles and the sheet is a mess but we're feeling blessed. We're cozy and we are blessed.

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