January 19, 2013

Yellow Polka-dot Scarf

yellow polkadot scarf
yellow polkadot scarf

... if you're from Canada, I understand if you roll your eyes at me but, cold season is here! Cold season is here! Cold season is here! (sorry for screaming) I am not talking about the flu here I swear. Okay, maybe a little of that too, because I just came out from one this week. But all is well now and I hope you can feel the cooler breeze from where you are, because it's been super cool here in Bataan too for the last couple of days. And I am in my best behavior. Yey! The cold has landed in our frying country. Finally. So I am welcoming this nice weather by wearing my favorite scarf I bought from People Are People months ago with my thrifted cozy sweater. I heard it's been freezing in Tagaytay. Well, how about Baguio then? I am almost afraid to go and visit any of the two for ill just freeze to death. I am pretty sure Ill whine about the cold as much as i whine about the heat. No surprise, Whiner here! But they say the cold will stay here until the second week of February. I hope that is true. 

So, how are you enjoying the weather right now? I hope you're having a great time dressing up and enjoying a delicious cup of coco. Happy weekend everyone. 

sweater and pants: thrift
scarf: People Are People
shoes: Shoe Etiquette

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