January 14, 2013


finding happy place

...this was me today. So how's your Monday?

How do you muster up the physical and mental energy needed to do the things that will make you happier? Especially when you are feeling blue? Because, you know, energy is very important to happiness right? One can't be happy just dragging around and lying on bed doing nothing right?

Well, if you ask me.....??...

....lifting my own spirit is a LOT of work. Especially on days that I don't have enough sleep. I just wanna plunk down in front of the TV and dig into a tub of ice cream. I know, that's the easiest fix, to let myself go. But it's not healthy and that's a bad habit and that's not setting a good example for my son. Yup! I am a role model now. c",) ( I am saying that to myself every faaareeekiiing day) So this is where the real work comes in for my happy pill to kick in. These are the tricks (doing one or two of these works like a miracle) that really work for me:

  1. Go outside into the sunlight and walk and sweat it out. I don't know why this work but it gives me a lighter feeling after five to ten minutes. My feet and arms feels lighter.
  2. Fake the energy. Yup! Fake it till you make it. I trick myself into feeling energetic by moving quickly. Of course this won't work without the help of a cup of coffee. Coffee = Energy = Do dumb things faster.
  3. I concert by my own. It's very important to sing loud too. Life Is a Highway and Count On Me are my top best performances ever.
  4. Phone a friend. Talking to a super perky friend about some of the stupid things we did in the past always makes me feel good about myself now. Remembering bits and pieces from ten years ago, those happy memories...oh, it's impossible to stay blue after remembering that day when we bought ourselves some lucky rings so our parents won't get mad at us for breaking our curfew. Well, the rings did not work. Surprise! The rings were defective I guess. Can't return them though.  
  5. Clean up. I am not sure why tidying makes such a huge difference, but when I feel like I can't face the day (because I am covered with old magazines) I tidy up my tables and closet and I perk right up. 
I once saw a phrase something like this - burn energy to create energy. And I guess that is so right. When I'm at my most sluggish and gloomy, I try to kick myself into gear by running around the house, singing out loud and talking to yllac in a more animated way, or doing a quick tidy-up of our house. Sometimes I need to do a big task but I just don't have the power to do it. So I don't do it, but I can always do something small for a start and next thing I know the big task was already accomplished. Whaalaah! Sometimes I do surprise myself.  

How about you? In order to perform happily, how do you energize yourself? Any tips or tricks you wanna share with us?  


Anonymous said...

halo! what i do is go through my photography books or design books, look for inspirations. it kicks my brain to go and be creative. if that doesnt work, i go out and walk or go to the coffee shop or just go somewhere for awhile.

Denise Lozada said...

YES!!!! it's always a treat when we get to browse pretty pictures. so inspiring. It gets us so pumped up right away. last wednesday we were at Fully Booked and i poked at every book I wanna buy.


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