January 28, 2013

Thrift Confessions # 2

thrift tigerface for 45php

Aren't animal-face shirts so cute? Okay, not all. When it comes to this trend I prefer the not so life-like print. I am talking about this and this. It's scary. The trick with wearing this print is to make them look cute. At least for me. If it's too real looking, like it's ready to pounce on you and eat you, it's as close as wearing a real fur, or carrying around a taxidermy animal. Seriously, not cute. It's just weird. So how cute is my tiger shirt then that I got from a thrift store? Look, It has a pink bow - sooooo cute right? Because in real life, no tiger in a pink bow will ever attack you. Well, I am the tiger in a pink bow with this ensemble. But I don't bite.

I got it last week. Actually it was a quick quick trip to the thrift store. I saw this, picked it up and paid for it right away, even though there's a lot of potential summer dresses lining up in front of me that night, I did not look back. Not once. How strong am I? It was always a great thrift purchase whenever I was in a hurry. I don't know why really. And also, a visit to thrift store with a barya budget always makes a good purchase. Functionality-wise.

Black Bowtie Tiger Face Print Batwing Long Sleeve T-shirt

So today, I did a little googling to see if I can find this shirt on-line and whaahlaah, I did. Found the exact shirt at SheInside. It's sold out. Sorry. Just how one-of-a-kind am I right now? woohoo! And it sells for 27$. Boooo! I got mine at 45 pesos (1$). Woohoo! Is this a great thrift or what?

Happy Monday!

top: thrift
skirt: target
heels: Zara


carolekaye said...

Ang galing mo talaga sa ganito Denise!!!!!! :)

Aimee Diego said...

Awesome thrift find!

Anonymous said...

wow! sang thrift shop? mapuntahan nga. haha

germz said...

i'm speechless as how an expert you are in finding the exact thrift item on the net. i also have my own thrift confessions pro pag hahanapin ko na sana pang support sa iblo-blog ko, i always ran out of descriptions and failed.haha


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