April 9, 2013

Last Week...


Hi folks! 
Last week was blurry and hair-blower-hot kind of week. My hair is toasted but I am sure glad that my shoe closet is clean and my cupboard is finally organized. But then again, here are my photos to do the real talkin' for me...



We saw this. really???? people? really? I think the sign should say : "DO block my driveway, PLEASE! Pleeeeeease!", then maybe, just maybe, people will not actually park in front of your gate. #OnlyInThePhilippines


Tuesday, left over pancakes
tuesday, left over pancakes
Tuesday breakfast with cars

Tuesday brunch. Poured my rainbow pancake left-over batter in one container without any stirring and made it into abstract pancake breakfast the following day. yay! plus Jayson's veggie omelet plus Yllac's breakfast entertainment. (our Monday breakfast, seen here)


Wednesday, zara heels

I am letting go more of my shoes that doesn't get a lot of wear. But these two will stay. kala-mo-huh! I am into mid-high heels as of now. So high-five you, you size 8 ladies out there c",)



He found his old bumbo chair, sat on it and read himself a cute monster story while his toes played some tunes. 



I was a little sad I've found Koffy's food and treats hidden in my cupboard. Well, you'd be glad to know that I finally gave them away. 


Saturday brunch

..weekend brunch + Yllac's first attempt on his cousin's bike. We're thinking of getting him his first bike on his 3rd birthday. Is age 3 too soon for bike? Mothers...talk to me.



In-door shoot. I will list more items for my shop, so please check them out this coming Wednesday. Thank you ladies.

That's it. That's how our week went. 

-the end-


Mrs. Purol said...

it's ok to get him a bike at 3... wag ka lang bibili ng mahal kasi mabilis nya lang kakalakihan :)

si Darren sa mga flea market or garage sale ko lang binili mga bikes nya, every year kasi kailangan palitan kasi maliit na sa kanya

Cheska Duenas said...

my son got his first bike at age 7 but it was more of a right of passage/ walang-7th-birthday-party-for-him-kaya-bike-nalang-gift. my daughters naman (age 4 and 2)already like using their kuya's bike. Ü


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