April 19, 2013

DIY: Heart Print Shirt

DIY heart print shirt

my DIY heart print shirt

heart sweater-1

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I have always loved these J.Crew heart sweater. But you know, I cannot afford one or will I ever attempt to buy one. But in my dreams, I bought one in every color. Since I am living in a real world of my pocket, I made one. It is not perfect, but I am planning to make another one next week. A much bigger heart in a bright yellow color. Also, hoping to avoid those accidental little drips. Anyway, here's how I did it...

DIY heart print shirt

you will need:
a cotton shirt (mine is thrifted Uniqlo)
cut out heart pattern
thick cardboard to be placed inside the shirt
masking tape
brush and plastic card or credit card
rubberized paint

DIY heart print shirt
DIY heart print shirt
DIY heart print shirt
DIY heart print shirt
DIY heart print shirt

.... taaahdahhh! That's it. Let it completely dry for a couple of hours before ironing to seal the paint. Don't forget to put a cloth over the print before you iron it. 

It really is as easy as it looks. Swear! But I suggest you use a good tape and use a lot of them. But basically, here's a simple way to make your own heart print shirt. Hope you enjoy this simple diy. Try it, make one.

And if you have any question about this project, let's talk about it over at facebook. 

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