April 13, 2013

Can You See Me Now?

Can You See Me Now?
Can You See Me Now?Can You See Me Now?
Can You See Me Now?
Can You See Me Now?

You ought to know by now, I am not color shy. c",)

I love colorful outfit. It's like, remember that feeling of opening your new crayon box? All those colors to play with....just fun! Colorful outfit brings a lot of excitement and energy, well at least for me. I know not all people are comfortable with bright colors. It's a choice. You can always drench yourself with color - or not! So if you're a bit of color shy, you can start mixing a bright piece with black or gray to mute the look. A vivid bag or hat also does the trick. Or, a lady can always start with her lips. Yup! Red lips is a great start. If you can rock red lips, sure you can rock anything. 

Happy weekend guys!

floral top and pants: thrift
bag: Charles and Keith
heels: GoJane


Anonymous said...

i love your bag, denise! when talking about cute colorful outfits, ikaw ang peg ko! :)

toni perfumed red shoes

Dressing Up For Me said...

Love the bag and the colorful floral top!


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