April 24, 2013

Last Week...


last week...oh, last week was kind of slow for me. Because I was sick. And when you are sick every single routine happens and moves about extra slow. It's like watching your life in slow motion, It was soooo boring. And that is not good especially when most of your waking minute your head wants to explode, your throat burns, your ear is in so much pressure,  and your nose is just useless. But the good thing is, even though how sick you are, eventually you will get better. And you need to get better because you are a mom. So, that's the story of my life...

Moving on to much better things that happened last week, here they are in photos:


OMG! like a miracle, for a few minutes it rained on monday morning. Yay!


I am pretty sure these candies must have taste so good. Just because you can't taste them does not mean you can't eat them right? I know, it does not make sense. And I ate a bag of them for snack. 

diy distressed shorts
silver or brown

silver or brown?

i heart my frame

I miss my parents.

sticky letters

This boy loves his alphabet especially while bathing. He likes to gargle too. A lot.


had our first Mcdonalds meal in two months (I think).

diy heart shirt

finally wore my heart out in public. (DIY post here)

-the end-

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