April 29, 2013

Consider This Post My Retirement From Wearing Skirts...

Yllac's Fave Dress of Mine

Oh boy! Oh boy! You know you're in that "terrible two" phase when your two year old won't listen to you about hiding in your skirt, of all places - in PUBLIC! 

Yllac's Fave Dress of Mine
Yllac's Fave Dress of Mine
Yllac's Fave Dress of Mine
Yllac's Fave Dress of Mine
Yllac's Fave Dress of Mine
Yllac's Fave Dress of Mine

where is Yllac???

This is a gorgeous dress. A perfect dress when you want to look a little extra chic compared to wearing your usual mommy uniform of fancy colored or printed pants and shirt. In short, I do like this dress. And so does Yllac. I don't know why really? Maybe this dress looks like a curtain to him? Because he likes to hide behind our curtain when we play hide and seek at home. I seriously don't know what's going on inside the head of a two year old. Even with my two year old son. Like two Saturdays ago, we were at the park, all of a sudden like I was being attacked, he ran towards me, lifted up my skirt and hid inside my dress. And giggling the whole time like I was a big toddler-joke. Like Elmo exactly. All I do that day was to keep him away from my skirt. But you know, being a terrible two, he did not back down. He kept on attacking me. Funny....but really embarrassing. Since there is no way we can convince him to-not-do-that-to-mommy-please,  we just let him do his thing. Embarrassment aside, it was fun. We all got a laugh about it. So after a good 5 minutes under my skirt or so, he then got bored and left me alone. Oh thank God. c",)

Oh gosh Yllac, your Daddy and I love you. You make our life terribly full of laughter and i love being your Mom. c".)

So hello! hello! hello! to all mommies out there! What does your terrible-two do that makes you so crazy? The make us crazy don't they?     .


babyaииE. said...

Hahahaha I agree. I had a fair share of that same event about a year ago. And he was 3 already! But yes, they're the little angels that just sends laughter no matter how terrible they goof around. :D

promding chamimay said...

haha! i can relate denise... but my boy's not even 2 yet pero he loves hiding under my "daster"... hehe at least not in public... pero i need to be in my daster now at home dahil my tummy's big na... so i need to sit down most of the time otherwise he'll just charge toward me and hide... :D

we're 5months away from the terrible two's and he's sooo kulit na... i cant imagine when we're really there... hehehe :D

AVA T.♥ said...

OMG!! hhahahaha!:)) Yllac is so funny and too adorable!:)) Of course the dress is lovely! Got my attention!

Bubby's Mummy said...

My son loves to do the same! It's quite cute but not when he exposes you in public!

Toni P. said...


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