April 11, 2013

Slow Down There Little Guy...

Mt. Samat
Mt. Samat
Mt. Samat

me and Yllac, at Mt.Samat last January 13, 2013

Casa Lozada is busy busy busy busy at the moment. I can prove it to you by the date of these photos I am sharing to you just now. Ooooppps, sorry. Not-for-a-moment will never happen for us anymore. Why? Because Yllac is officially a toddler now. (i do declare!) 

Mt. Samat
Mt. Samat
Mt. Samat
Mt. Samat
Mt. Samat

Did I say we're busy? Because we are. I didn't know what busy meant until this toddler-age became real this year. I always thought that it will be easy when Yllac becomes a toddler, but boy oh boy I was dead wrong. He is everywhere. He touches everything. He's quick! He's messy. He mimics everything we do and say -oh, well at least babble his own version of it. He's messy! Did I say messy twice? Because he is. It's like, I just made the bed but here I am picking a few of our pillows from the floor and good luck to me finding some of them because my toddler loves to hide them in places where it doesn't belong. Like in my shoe closet and under the bed. In fact, right now, Im not even sure if ill be able to finish writing this post because my sweet toddler keeps knocking on my door. (we're trying to keep all our computer devices away from this toddler, that's why i hide in the other room whenever i work on my computer) He's nosy too. Nosy, nosy, nosy, noooosy. Yesterday after I plucked my eyebrows (yup! eyebrows done! next? my forgotten nails!) i couldn't find my eyebrow brush. And you know the dilemma and personal issues that comes to every woman with no eyebrows, right? I couldn't find it on the floor, couldn't find it in my pouch, couldn't find it in my shoe closet, or under the bed. I was sweating. I swear I am this close to losing it, and then, there I saw Yllac, sporting 3 layers of uni-brow on his forehead. c",)  

I have 5 half-written blog  post. The laundry basket is a mess. My sink is waiting. But at least i finished painting all of my five fingers on my left hand last night- the right hand will wait. My toes? Oh, forget about them! I always wear shoes anyway. Most times I am in the middle of finishing some work but then Yllac would come to me, smile and embrace me. He would hold my hand, pull me and take me to his place and everything stops and my things will just have to wait. Everyday, I try to remind myself that it's okay not to catch up on everything. The world will go on without me. But to my toddler, I am his whole world and he is mine. I remember these old photos of us last January and I can tell you exactly were I was in my life. I remember feeling happy and contented. I am a mother and this is my job. Sometimes it is frustrating and lotsa times very monotonous. It is a physical job. It is exhausting especially in summer. This mothering, this is a good job. I do it everyday. Sometimes smiling, sometimes not. Sometimes crying but lotsa lotsa times with laughter. And when i finally put him to bed at night I feel good. At the end of the day, no matter how hard our day was, I always feel good. And those are the things that matter most to me, plus of course those late night snaking with Jayson after Yllac was asleep. We love our instant yakisoba and Friends


I know I promised you a shop update this week, but obviously that didn't happen. I am very sorry about that. Hope you forgive me. But next week, I promise.... oh well, we'll see about that. 

Seriously, thank you for your patience. 


promding chamimay said...

haha natawa ako.... i can totally relate! :D my paolo is sooo like that these days, cguro he feels na he has very little time with us and must make the most out of it, sometimes even acting up so we wont leave for work hehehe...

pero kainggit ka nga kasi you get to spend the whole day with your yllac...

super thanks for the cute polo denise!!! :-)

Rae said...

Now I wonder... ang fun siguro kapag nagka-baby girl ka na.

Denise Lozada said...

@charm: when they act up, they really act up ng sobra sobra. kala mo mamatay matay sa kakaiyak. but you know, cut pa rin. heehee.

ako ang naiingit sayu. well, i am always grateful for the chance that i get to be a stay at home mama. There's always pros and cons but id like to focus more on the fun side of it.

Denise Lozada said...

@rae: I know what you mean. those 3 layers of inuborws are much cuter on a baby girl. oh well, i must admit i am craving for a baby girl too. boys are fun. But it's not bad to have a boy and girl too. someday.

Cheska Duenas said...

Nako, Denise, intayin mo na si Yllac is 5 na or may siblings. My goodness, chaos galore. Hahaha... Oh well.

BTW, even my officemate natakam with the purple pancakes. Salamat sa idea talaga. Ü


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