May 24, 2011



I was going through my closet a little earlier today, and I noticed I am missing a lot of pastels in my wardrobe. My clothes are mostly in it's full blast of colors and consist a lot of prints. I need a wardrobe makeover. It's like I am going to start all over again. So this coming Friday at Bloggers United i will sell my clothes that's been in my closet for a year now because I just can't bear to part from them. I just can't. For the main reason that they are so pretty, it hurts to see them go, and they're the dresses I am looking forward to wear when i lose the baby weight. As to when? I don't know. Deep-honestly-inside, I will never wear them again because God knows I will never go back to my pre-pregnancy size. My body has gone through a lot of change. A good change. This body has created a life and that's a marvelous thing, so why hold on to those dresses that makes me feel a bit sad about my body.

Quiet honestly, more than the weight issue, it's seeing those dresses in a box that made me a little depressed, because I distinctly remember when and where i wore each and every one of them. For me it's those dresses and memories so dear to my heart I can't let go, but in terms of self realization I think I am going to be alright. More space in my closet means new clothes, new beauty, new memories.

See you all at Bloggers United, this coming Friday, at Malayan Plaza Hotel in Ortigas. I am very excited. Been soooo good with brushing my teeth for a week now. c",) And please, please, please pray for a good weather and Let's all cross our fingers, eyes, nose, arms, legs, okay make it whole body crossed for this Friday's good happy weather, so everyone could come.

Visit Bloggers United here for more updates.

Goodnight friends. Stay warm, dry and safe.

dress: Shop Yapi
shoes: Urbanog
bangles: Quiapo
rings: Charlotte Russe

ps, 8 Denise Katipunera readers can get in the bazaar for free so leave your name at the comment box below to be a part of the guest list.


LBSfashion said...

great shoes!

cat limson said...

hi. iwould love to go to the blogger's event this friday :)

~cathy limson~

Sarah A. said...

Yey! Sofie and I will be there. See you :)

Michelle said...

LOOOOOVE the shoes!!!

Sarah A. said...

And Den, please include Tin Badron too! :) So that makes us three gerls! Yay! See you! Mwah


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