May 26, 2011

See You All Tomorrow


Drove to the city a day earlier for tomorrow's bazaar. See you all there, okay?

I figure since this is the first ever baby boy's trip to the city and also his first longest travel time, it's for everyone's welfare to settle him nicely first to his new home for the next two days. A crying baby is a parent's nightmare. Especially if it's going on for hours. There's always a reason why a baby cry - hunger, pain, a need for sleep and some more baby issues we grown ups don't get sometimes, and also they cry for no reason at all. The last one can be very frustrating, alarming and stressful for the parents and to everyone who can hear it. And there's no getting around it. Babies cry. Period. If your baby isn't crying, something is wrong. They cry because they're crying to tell us something. Some are easy to interpret and some are just so freakin' difficult. The key is to give them all the comfort they need. We really can't spoil a baby by picking them right away when they cry. At this point in their lives that's the only thing they need. I don't see the problem in holding my baby too much. It's free and they can't be this small forever. Ill hold him as long as i can. It's back breaking alright, but that's okay. c",)


Ayis said...

Goodluck Denise!

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

so did he cry on the event? hope not. and if he did, hope it didn't last long.hehe. i'm sure you had fun all the same..cuz such wonderful people are there. <3

ps. i went bonkers over the striped tights and the shoes..W-O-W.

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Delmy said...

Thank you for ur comment! ur baby is adorable!

vintage process said...

Lovely pictures!

Jerrica said...

awww he's sooo adorable. Babies so love to cry and hate it as well. It's hard not picking them up and holding them especially when they get to the age when they know no words but can open their arms and with their eyes beg you to carry them, ugh breaks your heart. But still they get too spoiled in human arms!

Good Luck,
Fashion Nostalgia


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