May 17, 2011

Colors and Stripes

colors and stripes

colors and stripes
colors and stripes
colors and stripes
colors and stripes
colors and stripes

I love stripes. And colors. That is all.

I am deeply sorry. I wanna say more but the baby boy is about wake up. My left hand is rocking his hammock, so I can only type with my right hand. Plus I am singing and thinking of what to blog at the same time. Can you imagine the fun I'm in? oh my dog. I am a mother.

dress and boots: thrift
scarf: Hong Kong


Ann said...

Hands down, Mommies are the Champion Multi-taskers, ^^

fashioneggpplant said...

you look so pretty in these pictures! i miss having a baby :)

Noelle V. Dotillos said...

You are a very lovely mother. :) Love the dress, btw.

Manila Girl said...

I love the dress! I can't believe it was thrifted. How do you score all those great finds?? I tried thrift-shopping but couldn't find anything good!

Anonymous said...

Now this one is what I've been looking for. Would be giving you credits on the way how you deliver this great insight. Such an interesting story.

Chantelle said...

loving the different patterns and colors! You look great. Nice work with the mulit-tasking + baby =P

augustalolita said...

love the black and white with the colors!! so refreshing and different <3 and wonderful photos!!


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