May 4, 2011

Black Holes and Big Rip

Black Holes and Big Rip

Black Holes and Big Rip
Black Holes and Big Rip
Black Holes and Big Rip
Black Holes and Big Rip

Inherited a number of old pants from husband. This is one of them. And each time my baby boy is zeroing in to Despicable Me I was ripping this pants for a new look.

That's all folks. Have a great .... Thursday???? am not sure what day is today or tomorrow. I don't care anymore because it doesn't make a thing of a difference now. I never thought that since becoming a mom, a day can pass just like that. Everything seems so fast. My baby boy is becoming more and more energetic now. He wants activities - Reading, singing, screaming, jumping, watching cartoons, slapping/kicking me on the face, lot's more of pooping and bathing and my favorite of all - laughing and walking on our neighborhood early morning and late afternoon. My day would start at five or six am and when does it ever end, am not certain. But I like my days on a fast forward mode. And for the first time in my adult life, I am looking forward to sleep. Yes, it is nice to have a well spent day because it brings me a happy happy HAPPY sleep.

Goodnight folks.

pppppps, my friend Maureen Rocco just started a blog. And I think it's just about time. She's juggling motherhood and fashion and more cool stuff am sure we' can all relate to. She's sweet as a sweet potato. Please send her some bloglovin. Let's support all baby bloggers.


toxic disco boy said...

i love this look!!!! kakaiba from your usual. moar pls. we want moar!

belle said...

love what you did on the pants...and i love reading the mini stories about your baby.

Toni said...

true, a nice break from your usual. love your clutch!

Perfumed Red Shoes

mestizay said...

What a coincidence i did the same thing w/ my hubby's pants. It doesn't fit my womanly hips anymore!haha
I love your clutch it pops from the head to toe dark outfit.
Thanks for the shoutout babe!
I owe you so much!

Ann said...

already followed her Denise, she's uber stylish ! ^^,

Oh and this OOTD is so new, ^^ kakaiba sa usual mo, nice! ^^

charmie tamba said...

is that your door?? is suuuper love the rustic feel... :D

fashioneggpplant said...

great job with the pants! love it! is that your front door??? it's gorgeous :)

Denise said...

hello friends!

as much as i would like to claim that is my door, sad but it's not. hehehehe. it's a model house of a subdivision we frequent. cute noh?

27chic said...

i like you bag mommy denise!

Mariel Villanueva said...

I love your top!


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