May 7, 2011


my day
my day
my day

until now I am still clueless about this whole motherhood thing. All I know is that I love my son to death. Because Am already in love with him the day I imagined myself pregnant. I loved him when he was a tiny fetus. I very much love him now and for all the things he will become no matter what for the rest of my life. I am shit without him. sorry. I am thankful that this little boy changed my life. He made me so happy. He made me a mom forever. I just cannot wait for him to speak so he can call me by my name, Mom.

Happy Mother's day to all moms; dog moms, cat moms and fish moms too. Wishing you all love and peace and cake and sleep.


readytobeextraordinary said...

Happy Mother's Day to you, cheers to us! :)


rosey said...

happy mom's day denise! =)

Ann said...

Happy mom's day Denise! ^^

Shopaholic Dreamer said...

Happy Mother's Day!


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