May 18, 2011

It's a Cruel Cruel Summer

stripes and boots

stripes and boots
stripes and boots

Years ago, i actually thought summer was the best thing that's ever happened to me. it is the perfect weather. I do not think that now. I am now dreading summer. Especially when you have a baby. Sometimes it makes my boy so cranky and sometimes me. It is raining tonight. I wish it would stop now so there will be some rain left on a daytime where we need it the most. And everyday is a struggle to come up with a decent and weather appropriate outfit. I hope it doesn't sound shallow, because I am talking about the effort put into thinking and convincing yourself not to go out nudie every single day.

How's your summer so far? Do you like it? I really don't.

dress and bag: thrift


By Sara Romero said...

your pictures are such awesome quality. i love where you are. great scenery and of course you look cute :)


Cammila Albertson said...

I know what you mean about gruelingly hot weather -- so impossible. Every time you get in a car you're afraid you'll get a contact burn.

Lucky(?) for me, it's still freezing where I am! At least the outfit you figured out for today looks hot (no pun intended). I have a feeling you won't actually have much trouble looking gorgeous this summer. ;)

Anonymous said...

I love your bag, denise!

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Wella said...

The place and the view is amazing!! Where's this?


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