May 2, 2012

Hi May! Thank God You Came


I really am glad April is over. Am sad to say that it is not a good month for our family. I know it's cruel to label an innocent month as something "bad" but as cruel as it is for saying it, April was our bad month this year. Considering all the losing and bleeding hearts and getting sick and the many trips to the hospital. You know, sick baby = crazy home = no blogging. Oh April! And i hope to God you are the last of your kind. But hey April, there's always the next year right?? You can always prove us wrong. 

Well, it's not really that bad. There are some good stuff too. And these photos remind me to see the good in every bad. Even at the saddest hour of your life, when you can't see any good, just wait for a couple of days, look back and you'll find those little things that are still good. The month of April was in fact amazing ,(at least I see that now) as it was a humbling experience for us, especially for me. The greatest lesson I guess, was that, I still have a long way to go to becoming a mom, a wife, a friend that I am capable of being. To stop living in so much regrets and just do whatever my heart and faith is telling me to do at any moment. Jayson takes care of so many little things in our family that gave me the greatest gift every human being asks for: peace of mind. April will always give me a stab in my heart, but God is always gracious to heal my brokenness.If there is one thing I badly want for the months to come, it's faith; I am praying for more deeper spirituality in my faith. It's not always easy, but as long as there is faith, I am covered.


promding chamimay said...

wow! it's nice to see you back denise... :-)

Anonymous said...

yeah, i know how unfair it seems to label a month a bad month... my all-time bad month is august :(

indeed there's a lot more to experience and i am glad that despite the hard times, u bounce back and learned from the experience...

God is always by your side... God is faithful :)

Now, like you, I am claiming, my bad month would turn out great this time of the year! In God's will!

Continue serving the Lord, His love endures forever.

sigh said...

i'm loving what i see in this post


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