May 23, 2012

Summer, I Am So Over You

black and studs
black and studs
black and studs

And I am really glad about that. I know summer is cool and hipster and all that, but it has got to go by now.

This outfit marks the transition between the horrifying summer (say hello to my sausage toes) and the rainy season (black cardigan, bag and shoes) which by the way I am looking forward for such a long time. Sometimes i scare myself for including "rain" in my prayers. I mean who here prays for rain before you eat? (thank you Lord for this food we're about to eat, make it delicious please, and oh, make it rain too? come on, you can do it!!!!) I do!

You know what I mean? We all ask for things that seems easy to be given but for some reason, it's always never that easy....

I wonder why.

Beats the banana out of me.

dress: thrift
cardigan: gift from my momma
"Mandy" wedges: Shoe Etiquette
studded bag:CMG

1 comment:

Psyche said...

Hi, Denise. The summer has been really hot. I also pray for rain but not too much because I'm afraid of flooding. It's been raining here in Cebu, in fact a big rain dropped this afternoon. :)


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