May 29, 2012


Apt. 9 printed purple Dress
Apt. 9 printed purple Dress
Apt. 9 printed purple Dress
Apt. 9 printed purple Dress
Apt. 9 printed purple Dress

90% of my closet is a charming combination of thrift buys and gifts from friends, families and people I came to know from blogging. I am more than happy and grateful for all these wonderful gifts and all these generous people with  heartssss of gold who ask nothing in return. Told you they are godsend! I don't deserve them, I know deep inside I don't - these nice people and their gifts. It takes a lot of grace to accept and not throw myself on the floor and make a big deal about this and eventually do the rude thing by "out gifting" them in return. Maybe I should shut up now and just say thank you and believe in myself more because of these people in my life who "likes" me. 

So please, let me say thank you a million times as I can (hope not to irritate you). I owe you so much. I know, it's more than just stuff. Personally, when someone is generous towards me I consider accepting the generosity as a way of letting the giver be a more chivalrous man. 

To all the givers out there, God bless you most! ... and good afternoon to you. 

Apt. 9 Dress, ring, necklace: gift
wedges: gift from Sarah
belt: I forgot where I bought it, so right now, it's almost free. c",)


Gela said...

you're one of my own givers/fairy godmothers (the boots you gave me last December!), so you deserve a million thank yous from me as well! thank you thank you thank you, mommy Denise! you're one of the kindest people i know. :)

can't wait to see you this Saturday at BU3!!!

boat ride through the sky

Anonymous said...

ang ganda mo!!
sexy ka tlg Den!

vengieric said...

nicey-nice hair Ms. Denise!!!


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