May 24, 2012

Yllac and Jhanell

Yllac and Jhanell
Yllac and Jhanell
Yllac and Jhanell
Yllac and Jhanell

Now Yllac, listen to mommy...., when a baby girl wants to give you a kiss you just say YES! 

Learn from your Dad. He said yes to me and now you are here. 

Seven years ago, on a starry night, your Dad and I went out after not seeing each other for about a week. When he came home from Baguio, he gave me two huge ube jars and flowers. He smiled a lot too that night without saying much of a word. We were just dating then. We knew at that point we're more than just friends. I believe he chickened out to ask what's our real deal and since I hate to do the talking, I asked him if i can kiss him instead and he said yes! 

End of his life story. 

Maybe, seventeen years from now, you'll see these pictures and you'll kick yourself for being such a baby. And we all thought, it's us girls who has issues.

Mommy (and I know best)


Claire said...

Your post is funny yet so romantic. I admire you for being courageous!

T. said...

Cute pictures!


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