May 30, 2012

Story Of My Life


I was going through my hard drive today and I saw this photo. Usually, to have more space in my life (the external hard drive, that is) id delete this one and some many many more. But I just can't fa-reeeking do it.

You see, my dear darling husband takes all my photos. Past. Present. Future. And maybe if I were good, the next life too, in heaven. And i love him. I guess, it's about time to humble brag about how awesome photographer he is. I mean, he's shooting me (with the camera of course) in manual mode even since I talked him down to shoot me (again with the camera) for this blog. He didn't have any formal training or attended any seminar. I guess having me in his life is enough inspiration to do his best. He did not say that. Am sorry. I lied with that one.

Moving on....

I mean, I have no mad posing skills, I do not have a mad-fashion-blogger sense. Geesh, I am not a fashion blogger. But he thinks I am, so I have no choice but to feed his illusion. And playing along I got him stuck with me.Poor guy.

The point is....

Here is a photo he took, weeks ago  (with a manual focus prime lens, my spirit leaving me) my dear darling husband behind the camera who happens to be holding a squirming baby boy, trying to get a clean shot of his wife playing "glamorous fashion blogger".

Oh well.

Today I forced him to stop by the port. He did not complain. He got out of the car carrying Yllac and his camera on his shoulder. He told me to jump to the sea stop walking because "I am on the perfect spot" according to him. He took a couple of shots with Yllac's little hands on the lens and half the time those little fingers found their way through Jayson's nose. 

I can't delete these photos. Too many stories. 

So listen...

...people of the internet, my husband, is the husband of my dreams!

he is my knight in shining photographerness slash electrical engineeringness in one.

That photo sums up the last 7 years of our life in silliness. And I love it. 


Ann said...

=D Sweet! <3

Emai said...

oh, why did i get teary eyed when i got to the line " husband is the husband of my dreams"?

promding chamimay said...

awww! :-)

Angela Andaluz said...

Aww. This post is too sweet. My bf also is no photographer but he's been taking all my "outfit" photos ever since I started my blog. I used to make him a human tripod but lately he has been taking shots of me on his own and I must admit, I was blown away by the beautiful angles he sees (of me) that I don't. I wish I end up with him. Just like you guys. I wish you all the best. Love love love!


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