May 16, 2012

Life Looks Cool On Instagram

Pit stopAny poop looking food is always good
My first today and i loved it!Happy mother's day to me. And to all moms! We deserve a treat!
Houston, we have a problem.I always wonder what he's dreaming about
Yllac was like, "hallelujah for this pool jesus!"Am sure yllac is somewhere in here
We're moms. @evelyn_agustin Well its still mother's day in some parts of the world right?
Outfit of the day. Gifted tee, orange SM pants and black chucks.I love walking behind these two. I love butt watching.
Ps, thank you Cathy The Calf. #favebookeverYllac got himself a new set of mom and dad and kuya and ate and stroller for the last ten days here in manila.
Thank you yllac for this once in a lifetime chance on motherhood.I miss you man,...And Panchito.

...these uber cool instagram photos sum up our ten days worth of stay in the city as we tagged along with my husband for a job training seminar. We didn't get to get out much, or see all of my friends, but we're still so lucky because one of my best friends generously adopted us for more than a week that gave Yllac two playmates who shared more than their home but all of their toys too. Being around with a whole bunch of family gave us, and especially Yllac the sense of what a normal Filipino family is (lolo, lola, tito, tita, cousins, the whole gang!) because here in our home it's always just the three of us. Mom and Dad and baby. Sometimes it could get real quiet. Well, it used to be a noisy four of us. We miss you Koffy so so soooo very much. In those ten days, my baby kind of grew to be independent and in height and in weight too. He's braver now to explore and walk around the house without constantly checking on me. He used to scream and cry once am out of his sight but having playmates gave him the security that we're not alone. It's a mircale  too that he eats real food now and that he has a regular nap time during the day and a solid bedtime without the help of DUYAN! (Yllac can't sleep witout the duyan) Am not sure how it all happened in just a matter of days but am glad we joined Jayson in the city. We knew how impossible for us (his city schedule is crazy) to spend a day as a family, but it's more unimaginable, never-in-a-million-years we'd spend a day and not see each other.

Traveling with a baby is always chaotic am a tell you, but my friends provided us a real home. Going back here in Bataan made me a little sad. I miss them so much and the city too, of course. I will always always always hate the traffic, the rush and the noise, but the variety of food and restaurant made me ache for the city once again. 

Goodnight for now!

My friend is super nice because she let me steal her facebook photos during our stay. Here they are:

us in the cityus in the city
us in the cityus in the city
us in the cityus in the city


Mrs. Purol said...

three of them are so cute! para lang silang magkakapatid nila Clarence and Ezabelle hehehe mami-miss ni Yllac yung 2 for sure :)

Denise said...

@mrs Purol: jayson and I, had all three of them in the car one night we fetched Evelyn at LRT, oh my! all the sound they make and cry and the screaming and all those bulol words??????

God bless all parents of more than one!


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