May 22, 2012

Bedroom Tour

bedroom tour
bedroom tour
bedroom tour
bedroom tour
bedroom tour
bedroom tour
bedroom tour
bedroom tour
bedroom tour

I am neat. Well, used to be. Being a mom for almost 17 months now, I've learned to let my baby rule the house. See the evidence? I used to follow him around and tidy up every hour, but that's just exhausting. Finally let myself throw in the towel and let all these pretty clutter hang around everywhere the house. They can wait. And hey, this is a home, not an art gallery. c",)

Silly excuse, I know!

Sometimes i find myself so antsy and impatient for this little boy to give in to sleep so i can do my work around our home. Being stay at home doesn't give you a punch card type of working hours. Which is sometimes good. It's my excuse for being lazy am a tell you. But being at home comes with a lot of expectation to do everything in under 24 hours. Which is crazy. You know, keep the baby healthy and breathing, cook, clean and if it's possible, look like you just stepped out of a beauty salon. So my solution is to let things happen in a natural way. I will never push Yllac to sleep fast. (am close to putting a spell on him each time he's fighting sleep, which is every single day) A funny thing though, honestly, everyday, I am wishing for a bedtime to come early, It's my favorite time of the day to get the silence i need, and work and clean. But just when am about put Yllac to bed, I just wanna cuddle and wake him up because I miss him already. Mommies are weird am a tell you. 

Seeing these photos make me look at myself and say, well, this is my life now. Toys everywhere, under our bed. Toy car in our toilet , dinosaur in my closet. And am okay with that. Because I love him. Never in my life I imagine myself loving this way. I mean, dinosaur hanging in my closet and car in the toilet? Who gets to have that? I mean, I only got three hours for myself during the day, but am okay with that. The rest of the day is for him. To play, read and laugh and grow.....This is my life now.


fashioneggpplant said...

loe this post, mommy D! nikola had the same push around toy when she was little, it was her favorite! same story din here :P

Anonymous said...

OHEMGEE. this post, amazing! i want a baby soon. hahahahaha.


By the way Miss D, ano yung white na table sa bed? Is that a kindle? Okay ba sya?

please reply..... :)


Aimee said...

aaawww. love this post.

i know what you mean about pretty clutter. we have lots of pretty clutter at home too. although sometimes it don't look pretty no more! it's just one huge pile of mess that just keeps growing and growing and growing. living with a toddler is the best :)

Mrs. Purol said...

Den, Darren is almost 8 years old and our is still a mess! hehehehe kulang nga talaga ang 24hrs sa isang araw paa magawa ang dapat gawin sa bahay. ako nga, once a week na lang makapaglinis ng bahay... kaya ayoko yung tatanggap ng unexpected visitors kasi nakakahiya ang gulo ng bahay namin :P

ang cute ni Yllac pag bagong gising :)

Anonymous said...

ive grown a little used to Isabel throwing things around and messing our bed but in a few months time, i will expect the exact same thing from our little kicker! haha! lovely post, Denise!

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Anonymous said...

Lol woman, I know now what I'm gonna bring home when I come back to your place. A few of them big tube-shaped toy containers so when Yllac is asleep, all you needa do is throw them all in there and hide them/put them in corners of every room n d house and then, voila! No mess... That's what I do for Reuben.

And oh, even shower isn't therapy anymore, I have to rush just in case he wakes up and tries to climb out of his crib. We needa book a spa when I get back, yea?

Xoxo Lilet


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