June 11, 2012

Monday Love - Brahmin Handbags

brahmin tote bag
brahmin carry all bag
brahmin satchels and sling bags
brahmin handbags

Oh, where do I start?

First, Hello there Brahmin

Just discovered the brand a couple of months ago and got to say I have finally found my bag. Because, you know, every girl has their own brand of bag right? The girl in me don't have it yet. But not for long. So wow, every single one looks pretty ei. All I have to do is save. Save. Save. Save. I sure hope saying save three times must have hypnotized me now. I mean It shouldn't take me long to save, after all Brahmin isn't suuuuper expensive bag right? That's what I love most about it, aside from the obvious that they are gorgeous. The price is just right.

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