June 17, 2012

Yllac Lorenzo Lozada's Dad

Yllac Lorenzo's Dad
Yllac Lorenzo's Dad
Yllac Lorenzo's Dad
Yllac Lorenzo's Dad

I like Yllac Lorenzo Lozada's dad. And Yllac Lorenzo is crazy about him too.


Yllac and Jayson aka Dad, have a standing morning date ( if jayson's work isn't in the way) while I am at home in deep comma, drooling on my pillow, gloriously snoring. I am at my happiest when I'm asleep. How do I know that I know how crazy happy I am while asleep? Becaaaaaause the best experiences in life are those of the moments you know it's so good you cannot remember a single thing about it. So back to the boys, ... They walk around the neighborhood chasing after cows and chickens. Sometimes they drive to the nearest park, check out the skater boys and gals, eat biscuit while watching people and they go home to me with my cold Jollibee coffee float minus the chocolate fudge. Okay, most of the time, it's just kisses and hugs. It's a bliss. 

Honestly I am not jealous. I just let them go and be boys and Jayson be a Dad, any way he want to be. The two of them would go out, sometimes Yllac wearing briefs. Just WHITE briefs and an oversize shirt. But who cares right? Sometimes he'd make Yllac wear socks with sandals. Who cares right? When we grocery shop, Yllac would stop at the bottled water racks and poke them for half an hour with Jayson watching him do it. For half an hour!!! But who cares right? I can see them a year or two from now, they can tell fart jokes as much as they want to. Heck, they can fart as much as they want to. Drink juice straight from the carton. Burritos, pizza, or burger or hotdog every night, leave the seat up in the toilet. As long as I'm not around (NOT awake) there's no need to pick up dirty clothes from the floor, sports on tv all day long. They can even scratch their balls without embarrassment. Who cares right??? Now, that is living. Because ask Yllac now and he'll tell you, his Dad is the best. He really is. With these two boys as my tribe...now I understand what it really means for a girl to be extremely lucky.

I love you Yllac Lorenzo's Dad. You are good to us. 

Yllac Lorenzo's Mom

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