June 4, 2012

Monday Love - The Lipstick Shape Test

the lipstick test
the lipstick test
the lipstick test
the lipstick test
the lipstick test

photo source - beauty press

Hello everyone! It's Monday, so let's do something fun. Whoopee!

I assume that we all wear lipstick right? If you don't, then you better start to. Unless you're 8 of course. So, take out your lipstick and compare to the photos above. Which one matches yours? (ladies, please no cheating) And click here to read whatever your lipstick shape says about you. 

It's crazy! Mine was suuuuuper unbelievably ego booster. It's not even me, not even internet Denise or real life Denise. So i do not believe it. NO!! not the first one. That's crazy!

Happy Monday everyone!

a little tip for the guys, so it won't take you a lifetime to figure out a girl, I know it's psycho for you to dig up the lipstick of that girl you like on your first date, but it's worth a try.    


Anonymous said...

i knew it! i am a superwoman! hahaha!!

mphretz said...

wow nice post!



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