June 26, 2012

Some Days Huh?

mini burger

The picture has nothing to do with this post but it looks delicious anyway. soooo, a day from now is our much awaited family weekend. I know it's falling on Thursday, but hey every family is different and special in their own weird way haven't I told you that? Jayson's work isn't the regular 8-5. Our weekend isn't the regular Saturday and Sunday either. Well sometimes it falls on those days too, but usually it does not. Oh I miss the weekends. The real kind. The thank God it's Friday jumping up and down because tomorrow is Saturday and it's the weekends! Oh yeah, it got me thinking that we haven't had the legit kind of weekend since 2005. So that means we've been this weird for less than a decade now. 

So it's our weekend soon, so I was thinking the exciting silly things we will do. Here they are:
  •  learn a new song. Given the last song I discovered was "cause you're amazing, just the way you are". Feels pretty new to me when i sing it in my version.
  • wear the false eye lashes I bought 3 weeks before Father's day, (do the math) and red lipstick and pink blush. Clooooown!
  • eat sushi and halo-halo.
  • clear my closet from everything I haven't worn in months that obviously isn't working for me.
  • lose 80 pounds in two days. (that's a great movie title too)
  • See an eye doctor. My right eye is still 20/20 but my left eye is all wonky. 
  • Buy Yllac an orange ball. 
  • Wear matching outfit. Dork family on the loose.  
  • Eat something I don't know.
  • Mani. Pedi. 
  • Make champorado. 
that's it for our weekend. 

How about you? What are your plans this Thursday? Work? Oh! I feel special alright. At least until Friday. Goodnight everyone.

here are some of our instagram photos for the last two weeks. Not much. It's weird to think we got something huge going on everyday in our home but according to instagram it's not much.So much for a-lot-of-going-ons because If you didn't instagram it, it didn't happen.

We are civilized people. I SWEAR!!!Ayan na. Yakapan na.
Uniform.Baby it's cold outside.
Weight lifting. @paxieness #twinshoesExtra storage space. #underthebed
Lost some weight in this picture. Maybe because my head is really that obeseYou. Complete. Me.
My little one turned 18 months today. He suddenly looked bigger today too. #wheredidmybabygoYllac was here...sneaky baby.

the end.

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Psyche said...

Hi, Denise!

I'd love to star with you in this movie titled "lose 80 pounds in two days." :D


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