June 12, 2012

Snakeskin Booties

Snakeskin Booties
Snakeskin Booties
Snakeskin Booties
Snakeskin Booties
Snakeskin Booties
Snakeskin Booties

Got these boots last year. Honestly, I don't know how to wear it. The boots looks pretty when i first saw it. It's still pretty and I am still attracted to it, but I really don't know how to wear it. To have a shoe in your possession so beautiful but seemed to crash with everything, it takes a lot of genius to style it. Now, may I stress that I don't have that talent. But I have this dark shades on when I scan myself wearing this. Voila! Just like that everything matches. It's like looking through a filter. The stripe top, this skirt, and my snakeskin booties looking friendly towards each other. Even if you're shaking your head now, all I see are nods of approval. This is a magic shades people. And I think everyone needs a magic shades. Now going back to the boots. Isn't it precious? 

top and skirt: thrift
ring: Quiapo
boots: Go Jane
magic shades: ??? forgot


Jenee C. said...

Those shoes are ridiculously good looking. And how amazing is that backdrop!

xx http://camomeetscouture.blogspot.com

Rose said...

Hey Denise!
Thankyou for your message!
I am well thankyou. We are getting married at the end of the year which is very exciting so ive been busy planning. Mikey and I moved together last year and weve got an 8 month old fur baby (kitty) so ive been keeping busy.
Hopefully one day I will return to blogging. Miss the blogging world although I still do stop by and look at blogs now and again, especially the wedding ones ;)
Hope you and your adorable little boy are doing well and hope that your shoe shop is coming along well.


Sol said...

Finally catching up with your blog!
Saw these boots on Instagram and loved them, they're really great.
Beauty Standard


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