June 14, 2012

Oh Snap!

denise katipunera

Just so you know, I need constant reminder that camera batteries aren't car batteries. FYI to me, camera batteries needs to be checked and recharged coz they don't live forever. In my defense, I seldom use them, so how should I know? Right? ... Super Wrong! So with a little trick from Jayson - he took out the battery, blew on it twice, put it back on and whaaaalaaah, I got a new blog post produced from a little magic trick, and with a lot of luck, and an awesome background for a beautiful distraction. See? Blogging is easy. If I can do it, I'm sure you can do it too. 

Okay, seriously. Blogging is half and half. Half easy, sometimes half difficult. There are good blogging days, there are off days. So why do we do it? Because we're nuts. Right? (El Oh El. Smiley Face) Am sure every blogger has a reason. But being nuts is on the top of it all. 

Good Thursday everyone!

cardigan: thrift
dress and scarf: gift
boots: custom made
ring: Quiapo


Jenny said...

Thats true! hehe sometimes I feel like, I am too lazy to make a new post on my blog pero still, for the sake of my 30+ readers (ang konti po no?) I am doing my best para makapagpost ng bago.
Hehe that's a nice tip ha? Yung battery ng cam ko kelangan na ng bago. Naover charged kasi yata. Anyway, looking great with the outfit Ms.Denise! Love it!

Toni said...

very true, blogging is half easy and half hard. i always have a hard time posting regularly. tamad eh. haha!

love your printed dress, denise! :)

toni perfumed red shoes

promding chamimay said...

love the dress denise! :-)

Jeemah Villaverde said...

trueee..true. half difficult, half easy! for a couple of weeks, i find it a bit more difficult. must be bloggers/writers block? but good photos do help! :) love your dress btw.

jemvillaverde.com :)

Jing said...

couldn't agree more!
loving the scarf.

Sol said...

Ha! Totally agree. Blogging is great and so much fun, but there are weeks where I just don't have the time/effort to dedicate to the blog.
These pictures turned out great. You gotta pass along the battery trick!
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