October 14, 2012


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What are you Grateful for today?
Jayson's family. My other Mom and Dad.
Jayson's sister. I don't have a sister.
I got lucky marrying into them.
Today, they invited us over for brunch.
They knew we're all sick and we can't cook
They fed us the most delicious tasty food today. 
Even though we have colds I can still taste how good those food were.
Right now we're back in our home. 
Boys are napping and here I am telling the world what a wonderful family I have.
And boasting a little because our fridge is filled with food to last until this cold goes away.

Thank you family. What am I gonna do without you?


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Kuya MJ, (Yllac's cousin) is grateful for his brand new car.

DSC_8379 copy
DSC_8378 copy

...and Yllac, for this cat.

So tell me, what are you Grateful for today?


Anonymous said...

im grateful of having a good, caring and loving family. also, one thing im grateful of is having a friend like you and et. miss you so much den :)

Dea said...

Nakakatuwa naman si Yllac, sanay na sanay humawak ng animals. :) I'm sure he's already a pet-lover this early in his life.

AVA T.♥ said...

love the last picture of yllac!:)

Definitely grateful for rest day with the family!:)

IzzyIsabelLhetski said...

Reused has been sick for a few days and my mum looks after him even though she works craycray hours in d morning... oh n she brings me food cos i cbb cooking. That's what I'm grateful for...... oh n my little sooki Reused wanting a cuddle cos he doesn't feel good, never gets old

IzzyIsabelLhetski said...

I meant Reuben , i don't like spell checks


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