October 16, 2012



I wore this outfit a week ago to a little family date night. We pretended it was only me and Jayson kind of date since Yllac was pretty much busy circling the other tables of an empty restaurant. Did i say empty restaurants are awesome? Okay, they may be empty because they serve not so nice food, but to us - mom and dad of a not yet two year old boy, oh gosh it was the most romantic place on earth. Perfect! Forget about the food, as long as there's coffee and cheap nachos we're fine. It was a great night. We went home bloated with nachos and took home a totally dizzy baby ready for bed and prayed for the restaurant's life before we sleep. Hoping the next time we visit it's still on business. BUt we had such a great time. Empty restaurant, you rock!

ruby heels: Shoe Etiquette
skirt: Make Me Chic
knit top: The Thriftaholic Shop


fashioneggpplant said...

LOVE your skirt denise, so nice and the heel of those ruby shoes are gorgeous. didn't notice it before :)


I just loooooove the colors! :) I love playful colors ♥

By the way, I am having a giveaway! I would love it if you could drop by and check it out? Thank you so much and more power to you!



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