October 2, 2012

The Other Night...

nigth walk
nigth walk
nigth walk
nigth walk

...Yllac and I welcomed Jayson in our most comfortable outfit ready to start our family weekend. 

I sometimes feel bad for Jayson. He comes home from work, exhausted and here we are, all dolled up itching to step outside again. But he's a good man and a fun dad. And simple because we can all agree that weekends are the best and we just cannot wait to give it a good start by going out for a walk. And so we did. We walked for maybe an hour before dinner. It's those moments we get to talk about our days. I love telling him stories about Yllac and i always wait for him to tell me his. These are the moments i would love to do over and over again for the rest of our lives. Telling and retelling each other stories, and feelings and thoughts forever.

I am wearing:
thrift denim shorts and cardigan
gifted snake print top 
Zara shopper bag
James moccasins in turquoise 

1 comment:

fashioneggpplant said...

i like this look on you! you look so much younger! :)


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