October 27, 2012

Over The Weekend With Mr. & Mrs. Smith


Our family weekend fell on days our friends, Mr and Mrs. Smith was in town. So last Thursday while it rained (what typhoon signal #1 the news were talking about??) we took them swimming. It was cold but Yllac went for it anyway. Only Yllac and of course his Dad braved the icy cold water. 30 minutes later Yllac turned blue. So that was day one of our family weekend. 

Friday turned out much better. Typhoon was gone but it was still a bit cold outside, just perfect for a jacket-kind-of-day. Leaves are falling, our toddler running, and here we have our very own Mr. and Mrs. Smith playing sitters for the day. They even paid us a box of doughnuts so they can get the job. Ah-What??? I must have done something good I do not know about that God blessed me with friends like Mr. and Mrs. Smith. Two free sitters plus a box of donuts in exchange of Yllac for a day? Oh-yeah-oh-sure-what-about-a week?? I could get used to life like this. Do you hear that Mr. & Mrs. Smith? We would love to have you everyday with us. Please don't go back to your home in Japan. You can even sit Yllac for free. Fair deal. No need for another box of doughnuts. My hips says so.....    

It's good to have another fresh pairs of not just one but two sweet hands to carry Yllac and play with him and chase him around. Thank God for friends. Aaahhhh...we miss you Mr. & Mrs. Smith. See you again next time.

And to you (yes you), i wish you a great weekend.


Sallys Heartful Creations said...

awwww, missing you guys already, especially super sweet Yllac. Looking forward to seeing you guys again, just dont know when! Im so glad Jayson was off from work and we were able to spend some time together no matter how short it is! love you guys!

Kati said...

Those donuts look oh-so-delicious!

Anonymous said...

mommy denise love the indian inspired outfit...del ea. forgot my blogger acoount so im posting this as anonymous...:)


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