October 4, 2012

Pool Time


Last Monday, when the sun wasn't so shining it was indeed a glorious day for pool. So we put Yllac on his trunks, bought our lunch on the way, and we head out for the day to our favorite Olympic size swimming pool. (Yllac was here before he was born) So imagine our shock when we got there and it was being drained for a weekly-monday-cleaning schedule. Darn! Sometimes weekend on a Monday kinda sucks. Just a little. Because we got to enjoy the kiddie size pool all alone by ourselves. And boy, oh boy we had a blast. Like screaming on top of our lungs blast. Like splashing and lounging on the slide like it is ours blast.  Like when you're alone for a very long time it really gets weird kind of blast. You know? So you see, weekend on a Monday is awesome. It doesn't suck at all. 


.....I mean, seriously, having a weekend on the first day of the week does not suck at all. 


Anonymous said...

you paint a very perfect image of your family. husband has work, cute baby, you lucky wife with a home business. Does your baby throw tantrums or does he get sick? do you and your husband fight? I want to relate to your blog but sadly I don't have the perfect marriage.

AVA T.♥ said...

Oh my. :) The pictures of Yllac so happy just makes your heart melt. :)

Anonymous said...

I don't appreciate your rant on facebook and twitter about my comment. I would appreciate if you answer me directly that having people to have your back first and respond to my simple question. I am not a psycho for your information, so do not paint me as one. You want your blog to be perfect all the time. perfect picture, perfect weekends which we all know is not that perfect at all that's why i think your blog is fake and i don't undestand why you have followers over your photo overload post.

Anonymous said...

I Think the anonymous mean to say that denise has great pictures. I always visit your blog Denise because it makes me happy. I dont want to sound stalker-ish but i follow your blog on facebook and instagram and even before yllac was born. You've come across as sweet, sincere and funny. We all have problems and struggles for sure. It takes a lot of courage and strength not to blurt out publicly our negative emotions than to tell the world about it every single time. You inspire me in so many ways. Haters hate. Silence speaks louder than words. You don't have to defend yourself from random rude people. I love this blog.

Denise Lozada said...

Anonymous 4:26

I don't know how to answer your question. Regarding this blog's realness, I can't decide for you what to believe and dismiss. Anyway, we're always free to find something we can all relate to. If this blog doesn't fit your bill I am pretty sure there are tons of blogs out there you will like.

Sweet said...

Ang cute ni Yllac and sarap talaga pag kasama ang pamilya...Ive been waiting for the sun to come out soon...its been dreadful having to walk around in wet and sluggish attire...because of the daily rain in Bangkok boo!!!



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