October 25, 2012

We Do Not Blow Candles Here...


So, for the past few weeks, we've been teaching Yllac to blow out candles. But he won't. In fact, blowing it makes him mad. And you don't want a mad crying baby anywhere near you. Am a tell you, it's hellish. He loves the candlelight. It makes him smile. It's his happiness right now. Yllac + candlelight = bliss.

So tell me, how do you teach a baby to blow out his candles for his upcoming 2nd birthday this December? How? (i know, what kind of a mother am i if I can't teach this simple trick?) Because this whole candle blowing thing feels like rocket science. I am out of blow strategy. Help!


Roxanne said...

ang kyoooott!
i don't know either how you'll be
able to teach him. it would be a
major crime if you'll let that
cute boy cry :D

Sarah A. said...

Ahihi. Cutie Yllac.
Mommy Den, I thought of a relighting candle. I have some before pero naubos na namin. At least when Yllac blows it, mag-light na ulit. ;)

*Okay, I'm not sure this can solve the problem, but will help. Heehee


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