October 12, 2012

DIY - Acrylic Gemstones Clutch


I always wanted a sparkling clutch so i made one. It really is super easy. The key to this diy is finding these acrylic gemstones. Found mine at our local craft store. And I think if you have the time, or you live in Manila, you can go to Quiapo. You can buy these by the bulk and in much cheaper price. Plus you'll have greater option on what material to use. So basically I used a super strong glue that sticks and dry in no time. But be very careful when you're using mighty bond because it dries fast and can chip off a chunk of your skin. Ouch! I wanted to cover the whole clutch but my fingertips are hurting right now as we speak.


easy ei? Oh! I cannot wait to use this on a date night.


Next project. #inspiration

the clutch was for my arms and these are for my feet.....THE next project. Soon as i find the right shoes...


Claire said...

Fabulous! I also want to do that on suede wedge boots coz I have a bunch of acrylic stones. Problem is, I don't have anywhere to wear them haha.

I know the superglue-on-your-fingertips feeling. Very annoying. Have you tried some acetone or washed with warm water? :)

sigh said...

wow! what an amazing idea!
very pretty, can't wait to see the shoes that you'll be designing.
you just gave me an idea to re-work and design my old stuff and bejewel them, thanks ms Denise.


fashioneggpplant said...
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