October 20, 2012

Yellow Pants...


Let's take a moment of silence to thank and praise the Lord for these pants. For these yellow pants.....
. ..

Hallelujah Jeeesus H. Christ! You are awesome and sooo faaareeking genius. Remember when He said, love your enemies? Pants are my enemies for such a long time. But lo and behold, two weeks ago I have come to forgive the shortcomings and injustices I have experienced in this piece of innocent clothing and found in my heart to rekindle the old flame I had with it 5 years ago. I mean, look at me. Look at me. LOOK AT MEEEEE! I knooooow!!!! I look good! And Cool. Not bad ei??? Because I won't give you the crotch shot (2nd to the last picture) if i didn't feel this geewd! And that is the first time I tooted my own horn on the record. Gosh, Am telling you, If I looked good in these pants, so can you. If it makes you feel better, I am wearing a LARGE size. But these pants are so magical it hugs all kinds of your leg dimples just fine in all the right places. This is stretch and the waist falls bellow your navel, so I was not worried it will suffocate all my sexy lady lumps on my tummy If you know what i mean. The length of the zipper is perfect and the inseam is not too long (I am sometimes 5'2 by the way) So I just folded it inside the pants. Honestly I have no issues, or any violent reaction for these pants. It is yellow. Perfect. Just the way it is.

So, If you think I was paid to force these pants in your face, No I was not. But I am friends with the owner of  the on-line shop that sells these. If there's such a thing as friendship-compensation, then that's it.  

top: Rosbinson's Dept. Store
yellow pants:Pls Contact Gizelle of Shop Yapi
heels: Zara (got it on sale)
ring: Gojane


Dahlj said...

I'm in my red pants! Hooray for screaming pants!!!

Ira Kharchenko said...

Awesome outfit! I love the yellow pants:)



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