October 9, 2012



People of the internet, I am wearing pants! PANTS!!!!! You know pants right? It's like shorts, only looooonger?

The last time I wore skinny pants was here. I have no exact recollection why I stopped wearing them. I guess dress is easier to wear and pants is trickier. I don't know. 

And then I got pregnant so forget about pants. But then colorful pants came into the scene and am jealous that everybody can rock them except me. Well, to be honest, I did tried on some skinny pants months after Yllac was born, but since my uterus didn't get the memo that I am no longer pregnant, so it refuses to go back to it's pre pregnancy size. I hate my uterus and it's lack of respect for my authority. Hate it! But lo and behold, my uterus and it's mysterious ways decided to shrink recently and just like that, like a go signal saying "go forth butt, search for thy divine pantaloon". And the god of the pants answered back through the internet via Gizelle (via instagram) wearing the most adorable red skinny pants. She's selling them by the way. My butt cannot sleep anymore, my butt needed that pants. So I contacted Gizelle right away and two days later I got myself two pants in yellow and blue. Those pants gave me confidence to finally go inside a jeans store and pick up this dark wash jeans that is on  SALE (350php woohoo!) and it fit! OMG it fit. Me and my butt almost cried that day. That day, my butt is happier than your butt that's for sure. I know, this tush is late for this trend (blame my uterus) so expect a lot of colorful pants abuse for the days to come. Remember, I warned you. 

So, tell me. Do you have colored pants? Please tell/show us how you rocked the colored denim trend.

top: gift
heels and necklace: Gojane
black leather purse: thrift
pants: Lee 


agus said...

You look great!

agus said...

so young and sexy :-)

Ann said...

great fit! =D

Aimee Diego said...

Awesome fit!


Your photos made me smile :) I love them! Hihihi! I really like your fashion style too ♥

Great post!

I am a new follower here on GFC :) Hope you can visit my blog too and maybe get a follow back? :) Thank you and more power to you!




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