February 19, 2011

Bloggers Closet

bloggers closet

I am inviting everyone to come join these wonderful ladies at the Bloggers' Closet, happening on the 20th of February, Sunday, that is tomorrow, at 11:00 AM inside Town & Country Executive Village (Along Marcos Highway). It's the first closet sale organized by bloggers and it's also a great chance for other bloggers and their readers to meet up and hang out! 
For inquiries about how to get to the venue, please send an email at bloggers_closet@yahoo.com
Among the bloggers that will be present are:
Raleene of www.raleene.com

Please come and support my blogger friends. They're all so nice and wonderful people, am sure you're gonna have an amazing time meeting all of them. Honestly Am a bit heartbroken cos I won't be able to come. But there's always a next time. 

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