February 22, 2011

Can You Take Me Higher?

krayola dress plus edgy boots
krayola dress plus edgy boots
krayola dress plus edgy boots
krayola dress plus edgy boots

I am definitely feeling much healthier and much much much better now. I do remember like it was yesterday how I was always tired the whole length of my pregnancy. Food tastes oh-so-much good now. It was a celebration for me and my husband the day after i gave birth because my taste buds started functioning again. No more drooling, no more nasty after tastes. I never knew how a person's ability to taste food can affect his/her disposition and mood. No wonder a hungry person can be so grumpy. I was grumpy. Not because I was hungry but I can't taste food the way I remember they should be. I have more energy now than ever before my whole life. And It's not difficult to wake up as early as four in the morning. Well, it is still a little difficult. Okay, truth is one baby's scream is enough to wake up the whole neighborhood. And Yllac's got a full use of his mighty lungs when he needs me to wake up and listen to his ramblings. Anyway, babies are weird. And mine is the cutest little weirdo on Earth.

cotton dress: Sm Department Store
bag: CMG
ring: from Mom
bangles: Thank You Sittie


Lauren said...

Five by Five is selling boots just like those! But wow it's much cheaper at Urbanog. How much did you pay for shipping? Pwedeng pasabay the next time you shop there? :D

Rose said...

Wowzers - look at those heels! How amazing!
I never knew your tastebuds chance during pregnancy. Glad to hear your feeling so wonderful :)


Lydia said...

So cute your shoes, architectonical!!

follow me:



mom & son said...

wow, parang kelan ka lang.. ang bilis nga naman ng mga araw. back to figure ka na, Mommy Denise! at ang kung cute ng baby Boy mo.

CessOviedo said...

Congrats for the baby, so glad you are doing way better now! ... Can't imagine how you manage to look this good and having a newbor, that takes serious skills, loved the outfit it's adorable, loved the dress and shoes a lot!


Gabrielle said...

Love this look! I'm following, I hope you follow me too!

gillian said...

your heels are love! thanks for visiting my site! linking you too!


inkarlcerating said...

bongga ung urban original. ikaw lanbg ata may ganyan te


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