February 24, 2011

And I Think To Myself

jayson and yllac

i hear my baby cry
and I watch him grow 
he'll know much more than i'll ever know
and I think to myself
what a wonderful world

i have a feeling.....something wonderful is about to happen, because our Yllac turns two months young today. i am thankful for his life. i am grateful for my family. i am happy i can only type with one hand. my left arm is so lucky for it is holding my baby.

i wish you all the best!


Sarah Alconcel said...

Happy second month Yllac!
We love you..

Michelle said...

The "one hand" thing freaked me out a bit but when I read further I was like, "Awww..." LOL

evey ♥ said...

This entry is sweet!.. Best regards to your lovely family ! And happy 2 motnhs old to yllac!

Claud said...

I love photos that feature how much a daddy loves his baby! It's one of the priceless moments ever captured!

Anna said...

Oh that is so sweet!
I wish you and your baby have a wonderful weekend.

Deni said...

Aww what a lovely post !

B-in-To said...

your husband looks like bruno mars in this pic.Your son is soooo cute already two months!!!
You have a beautiful family :)
ps:I'm coming with a new fashion blog soon I'll keep you posted
See you bisous


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