February 26, 2011

The Missing Links


Hello everyone! I am having a very nice weekend, hope you are too. Anyway, I am organizing my blog links. I haven't updated since two years ago, so if you wanna get linked in here, just say so. Leave your urls, the title of your blog and please indicate your blog category and if you're a local blogger or from another planet. That's all for today. Have a merry merry weekend. If I may share, since you don't have much of a choice but to read all throughout, - i, Denise Katipunera is eating a lot of icing. I love icing. It's the kind of craving where you don't want to eat anymore but ended up eating more.


lelila said...

love your blog! please add me up.


more on polish and cosmetics, local blogger.

Claud said...

If it's okay :)

In Wonderland with Alice

Uhm, anything goes here I guess. :)

Ann said...

Add me Up girl! ^^


ahm, my category ba na Thrifting and DIY? hihi

Claire said...

i love your blog and a follower too. hope it's ok to be included. i'm a new blogger and still finding my niche but lately i'm mostly blogging about personal stuff.

i will really appreciate the gesture. thank you in advance.


glenn encinares said...

Hi Denise, I' am a follower of your blog, I really like reading your post. Please add my blog it is more on my personal experience and a mixture of everything I enjoyed like make-up, beauty products, fashion, photography and more...

My Blog name: Gencified
My Blogsite: http://gencified.blogspot.com

Thank you very much,


Krystal Pearl said...

Hi Denise! Hi to baby Yllac and Koofy! =) I'm a follower of your blog..



I'd love to! & I'll add you to mine,

ALWAYS CHASING - www.alwayschasingblog.blogspot.com
Fashion/Interior Design & Lifestyle
I am an Australian blogger from our nationals capital! :)

Ola said...

Love your blog. And congrats on the new baby :)

rosey said...

hi denise! love to be added.=)

-it's about my love for nailpolish and nailart, about the ldr thing i'm on right now and anything under the sun.
local blogger.


Jing said...

The sky is so lovely and blue!summer come to momma.
you know Ms. D, I'm a fan. :D
Hi to Yllac!

Pie said...

Hi Denise! Thanks for supporting the blogging community! I hope you can link me up.


It's a life and style blog.



KD faustino said...

dont forget me loverrrrrrrr!


from the freezing cold country called CANADA!!!

Che Barcelona said...

Hey denise ;)


fashion and motherhood from UK :)
(filipina blogger)
add me!xxxx

BABI said...

link me too! :-)
fashion and lifestyle blogging in Florida.
check it out...


Babi :-)

aiz kim said...

i would also love to get linked. Thank you!


Abbie♥ said...

Me me me! :D


-polishes, nail art, thrifting, fashion and everything in between!

Designer's Wifey said...

Halo, new follower here(: My blog is a fashion blog (mostly) but I write about everything. Blog title is Designer's Wifey www.rocioliew.blogspot.com
Hope u and ur beautiful baby are doing great(:(:

Velire said...

Jewel In The Sand (http://jewelinthsand.blogspot.com) from the Philippines :D

I miss you Denise! I want to see the baby na :>

Donna May said...

Momsky D

local blogger teeh! :p

fashioneggpplant said...

add me please :)

local fashion
Ms. Eggplant's Chronicles

thanks! :)

join my STiLa giveaway!

glenn encinares said...

Thank You Denise for adding my blog in your list..


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