February 4, 2011

Simply Dotty

simply dotty
simply dotty
simply dotty1
simply dotty
simply dotty

I got this dress last year from a thrift-store of course. But waited till i gave birth to finally be able to wear it. It's a bit short on  the hem so my former big-belly-full-of-baby will make it even shorter when worn. And now as a new mom with a very young baby, I wonder when will i be able to thrift shop again. Yllac won't let me go even for just an hour. To tell you the truth, I still want those silly things. Never will I give up on clothes. It's my play thing and It's nice to indulge on things that makes us happy.

Happy Friday everyone. 

dress: Thrift
boots: Urbanog.com courtesy of my fairygodmommy
ring: Quiapo
hat: borrowed from Husband
earrings: thank you Janis Peredes-Dawal


Melai said...

I love the whole thing ate den! And I love how that oh-so-cute ring stands out too! Fierce bootsies! Yes, i want to be a fashionable mom like you and lloyda!! :)

Melai of Style and Soul

Ann said...

^^, you should never give up thrifting! ^^ you'll find time I'm sure--maybe have hubby babysit for a while? ^^

Psyche said...

don't worry, denise. those thrift shops won't go away. :)

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

omg denise, you look gorgeous even after post pregnancy...love the dress -- such a sucker for polka.

me too, i don't think i can ever give up thrift shopping..it just feels so rewarding.

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Jing said...

the dress + the booties = perfect!whatever happens,i will never give up thrift shopping too.

Abbie♥ said...

i'll always LOVE thrifting as well! that dress was a great find!♥

ana b. said...

I adore this outfit, Denise. The shoes especially. I'm glad you haven't lost your interest in clothes and looking amazing.

in Aie's shoes said...

I am getting addicted to thrift stores too! I know I am a late bloomer on that! I wish I knew about it sooner! Now I can't imagine myself spending so much on clothes.

Reg Rodriguez said...

i especially love the angle in the last pic! you look great :) thrift shopping is def hard to say no to, i mean how can you with such inexpensive fashyown items?:) but don't worry! i'm sure you'll be thrifting again in no time!


TrendRebajas said...

ohhh i want too!!
those booties are... soo cute!

really very very cool&nice Outfit!

kisses&love from Germany


S said...

lovely dress! well. I love anything dotted, it's my obsession!



Amy Joy said...

You are very creative with your shoots!
Love it.

Candycane said...

Aww great dress and lovely hat!

can't you take baby with you to go thrift shopping?

Sal xXx

Che Barcelona said...

Love the shoes Denise!!!! :)


Anonymous said...



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