February 21, 2011

Thank You coos and aaahhhs


Hi everyone! My name is Yllac (il-yak). And I am a newbie here. This is my first blog entry. 

In behalf of my mom, dad and brother, I just want to thank you for the success of my Mom's Closet Clearance Sale yesterday. Mom had a blast talking to everyone thru email. She's so happy. 


Right now mom is gonna wear something nice because we'll go out a little later to celebrate and visit my grandma and order a cake for my second month birthday. Time flies so fast I feel old.

That's all folks. 



♥Emi♥ said...

Thank you so much for your comment on my blog! Yllac is absolutely adorable! I love your photographs on your blog and recently I looked into ordering one of the necklaces from cuteture :-) You are an inspiration!

Marcella said...

Welcome to the new arrival! He's super cute!

Velire said...

Yllac you are even more adorable than your mom and dad combined in a zillion pics (shhh don't tell them that). I didnt know about your mum's sale but I'm glad she had a great time. She has such an amazing style so no doubt, it was an instant blast.

I pray you grow up to be a man of your word,a man with faith that could move a mountain and a man whose love knows no bounds. I think you will be a great man ;)

in Aie's shoes said...

haha such a cute post! =)

Lianne said...

yllac is an angel :) so adorable!

BEK F said...

He is absolutely gorgeous!


cellulite cream said...

awwww! cute baby! Babies are indeed little bundle of joy. :)


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